What can interactive livestreaming mean for the future of live theatre?

Originally published at Arts Professional in September 2017.

Serendipity, Story Universes & Theatrical Reality

In October of 2016, I was invited to join Freedom Studios’ stable of associate artists as their first technologist-in-residence. I’d been a part of a team helping Bradford bid to host 2018’s Great Exhibition of the North, along with Freedom’s co-artistic director, Alex Chisholm. Alex and I shared an interest in science fiction and the impact of digital technology on art and culture; a little serendipity led us to a deeper collaboration. …

What does virtual reality mean for live theatre?

It is 4:45pm on 27th December, 2012.

I am inside an immersive kinetic installation. There are lasers, lenses, smoke, pendulums and cameras. Spectroscopy and molecules, an optical harmonica.

Dave has become Andrews&Lynch. He introduces me to “Becs”. Richard is also here and tells me he’d like me to meet “Becky”. I’m not sure if they are the same person… it is dark and there’s a lot of smoke.

I am melancholy. Earlier that day I started counselling sessions. This girl, she broke my heart three times in just one year. I need revival, a new phase. I love to…

Earlier this year I was asked by mHabitat’s Victoria Betton to co-host a round table discussion on the role of ethics in digital innovation and to consider its impact on designing health and care.


I wanted to illustrate why a technologist such as myself is uncomfortable with the prevailing technology determinism; how my ethics have been shaped by a career in bleeding edge technologies; and to introduce some provocations to help drive a discussion.

You can also follow how the discussion progressed on Twitter by looking up the hashtag #mHEthics… one theme that kept emerging from various participants was the…

All good for Saturday, 11am would be great, but Friday night could work but you have to share a twin room with Ben Dalton.

Entanglement. My former boss Norman met Ben at MIT Media Lab. I looked him up when he moved to Leeds. We had coffee. Ben introduced me to Linda. Linda and I started a cowork together. Our first resident was Richard. Richard invented electric spraypaint with Dave. I developed a mancrush on Dave’s brain. I’m headed to Barrow where Linda grew up and there are 30 Days Of Night. …

Electricfoxy’s Move

Fashion is language — a syntax, a grammar and a vocabulary — a language in which our machines are gaining fluency. They dress us, and undress us.


Late last Summer, Marketing Leeds’ then CEO Deborah Green invited me to contribute a piece on Leeds’ technology ecosphere for the 2012 edition of Live It, Love It: A Style Guide To Leeds. The guide is the official publication for marketing the city and distributed freely to visitors and residents.

Leeds isn’t understood to be a technology hub, but its history of innovation and invention spans both the industrial and information ages, modestly contributing machines and minds to humanity. I wanted to ensure these stories were known and to deliniate the arc of the city’s inventiveness into its future.


Imran Ali

{ Founder of Carbon Imagineering; LSx Living Lab; writing, curating & scouting emerging technologies & adjacent cultures }

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