What can interactive livestreaming mean for the future of live theatre?

Originally published at Arts Professional in September 2017.

Serendipity, Story Universes & Theatrical Reality

In October of 2016, I was invited to join Freedom Studios’ stable of associate artists as their first technologist-in-residence. I’d been a part of a team helping Bradford bid to host…

What does virtual reality mean for live theatre?

It is 4:45pm on 27th December, 2012.

I am inside an immersive kinetic installation. There are lasers, lenses, smoke, pendulums and cameras. Spectroscopy and molecules, an optical harmonica.

Dave has become Andrews&Lynch. He introduces me to “Becs”. Richard is also here and tells me he’d like me to meet “Becky”…

Earlier this year I was asked by mHabitat’s Victoria Betton to co-host a round table discussion on the role of ethics in digital innovation and to consider its impact on designing health and care.


I wanted to illustrate why a technologist such as myself is uncomfortable with the prevailing technology…

All good for Saturday, 11am would be great, but Friday night could work but you have to share a twin room with Ben Dalton.

Entanglement. My former boss Norman met Ben at MIT Media Lab. I looked him up when he moved to Leeds. We had coffee. Ben introduced me…

Electricfoxy’s Move

Fashion is language — a syntax, a grammar and a vocabulary — a language in which our machines are gaining fluency. They dress us, and undress us.


Late last Summer, Marketing Leeds’ then CEO Deborah Green invited me to contribute a piece on Leeds’ technology ecosphere for the 2012 edition of Live It, Love It: A Style Guide To Leeds. The guide is the official publication for marketing the city and distributed freely to visitors and residents.

Imran Ali

{ Founder of Carbon Imagineering; LSx Living Lab; writing, curating & scouting emerging technologies & adjacent cultures }

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